Hydro Mulching

  • Our one-step process involves spraying a slurry of water, seed, fertiliser, cellulosic mulch, tracking dye and a binder from our specialised 6-wheel drive hydro mulch truck which keeps the mixture agitated during application, ensuring even coverage.

  • Our applicator cannon capable of applying the mixture at a distance of more than 100 metres, enabling coverage in even the most difficult to reach areas.

  • We can conduct soil testing for your site to determine the correct fertiliser/seed/mulch combination to achieve optimum results and comply with environmental consents.

  • An effective and viable option for vegetating large expanses of land quickly and easily whether flat, hard to access, or significantly sloped.

  • An effective solution for erosion control, stabilisation of roadside batters, long term dust suppressant or rehabilitation and remediation of newly formed subdivisions.