Why choose Taylors?

Our forestry experience is extensive. Providing road construction services for forestry was the foundation of our business when we started more than 50 years ago.


Our team includes people with senior management experience within companies that own forests. We understand the forestry business and its requirements. We have more than 25 machine operators constructing forestry roads. Our extensive knowledge allows us to provide expertise and support for harvest planners to help them achieve the best results.


We have a wide range of equipment available such as excavators, bulldozers, trucks, and graders. We can also provide harvest planning advice, which is particularly useful for owners of woodlots.

The work we do

We provide a full service from start to finish, including post-harvest clean up. We have a deep knowledge of the region and different soil types that are prevalent here. This means that we understand what we have to work with and what’s needed to achieve the best environmental outcomes.


Our active environmental management is of a very high standard. We are skilled in the latest techniques for reducing dust and managing sediment.


We provide roading services to all of the major forest owners in the Nelson Tasman area. This amounts to roading for more than 1.5 million tonnes of harvest per annum.