Infrastructure Maintenance

Why choose Taylors?

Taylors’ depth of experience sets us apart. This is important when you’re dealing with work such as river protection or chemical spraying.


With an established team of 12, the Infrastructure Maintenance group has a strong commitment to training and skill development. We grow expertise within the business to make sure we have the right people for the right job at all times.

 All our machine operators are highly skilled and all team members are fully trained before undertaking specialised tasks. Health and safety is always the top priority, both to look after the team and the community we serve.


Taylors uses high quality gear that’s fit for purpose.

In recent years we have been using drones extensively for monitoring and to identify required work during and after adverse events, such as flooding. We fly the rivers with a drone annually to gain information to form the basis of our work programme and re-fly areas to update information and identify damage following significant adverse weather events. We can fly the drones from safe locations and gather excellent information without exposing our team to risk.

The work we do

Our work includes river protection around farms, orchards, hop gardens, vineyards roads and other infrastructure, willow planting, rock placement to mitigate erosion, and weed spraying.


Taylors holds the contract with the Tasman District Council to maintain the river infrastructure for 285km of river from the Aorere River in Golden Bay through to the Waimea River.


Our team works closely with landowners, the public, and special interest groups such as Fish & Game. Access to rivers is crucial for our work and this relies on open and constructive relationships with a wide range of people, including landowners and those using the rivers for recreation in our area of operation.

Help us to keep our rivers clean

Unfortunately we do spend quite a lot of time cleaning up domestic rubbish that’s been left in our rivers. This can include dumped cars and animal offal left behind by hunters.

Please help us to look after our rivers by not disposing of your rubbish in this way. Maintaining healthy rivers is a community effort.

If you see an issue with a river in the Tasman district that is of concern please contact the Tasman District Council on 03 543 8400.