Steve Hart

Independent Director

Steve joined the board in 2017 following 40 years in construction and contracting. Steve spent 18 years with the Ministry of Works, much of that time working on the iconic Clyde Dam project, including foundation excavation, river diversion, powerhouse construction and landslide treatment.

After four years in gold and coal mining with DML resources, he worked as a Project Manager and Project Director with Fletcher Construction for 18 years on a range of projects mainly around Auckland, including decommissioning the sewage treatment ponds at Mangere Treatment Plant to allow the sea back into them as part of plant expansion and a change in the treatment process.

Steve also worked on a wharf reclamation project, a gas production station in Taranaki and on infrastructure recovery in Christchurch following the Canterbury earthquakes. During that time he was Professional Services Manager for the SCIRT alliance, leading a team assessing infrastructure damage and designing remediation solutions. Following his retirement he moved to Tasman District where he was approached to consider a governance role, given his significant contracting experience.

“It is great to remain involved in the industry in a less day-to-day role. Taylors Contracting has a concern for its employees’ wellbeing, a commitment to its community and to being a good corporate citizen, and a real desire to look for opportunities to diversify its business and to continuously improve what it does.”

Steve Hart