Wood Waste

Taylors horizontal grinder is available for grinding and mulching woody bio waste into useful products such as biofuel for boilers, mulch for landscaping, material for soil stabilisation, and bedding or feeding pad material for livestock husbandry.

The CBI 6800 grinder is a mobile unit that can be moved by lowbed to jobs around the region. Being self-propelled it can be readily moved around sites to where the work is.

Since arriving in the region the grinder has had several applications. It is being used at the Waimea Dam to assist with the tree removal operations on the footprint of the dam. Forestry companies are using it to break up harvest residues into small material to take the burden of wood waste off the areas around the harvest sites. Land conversion operations can also benefit from the grinders ability to deal with trees and shelterbelts, such as in urban subdivisions and rural land use change.