Taylors Contracting were engaged by Sunrise Hops to enlarge the capacity of an existing dam that was created by the Late Bob Taylor in the early 80’s. The Hop farm was under negotiation for sale to an American company (Freestyle Hops Ltd) who wanted to develop the farm by increasing the area of hops, which in turn required a further 50,000m3 of water for irrigation.

This was an exciting prospect for us and we took up the challenge. In total we managed to excavate 49,233m3, stripped and re-spread 10,500m3 of topsoil and installed 120Lm of subsoils.

There were a few construction challenges involved in this project which included working in wet conditions, water springs within the work site constantly running, removing fill from the dam with limited solid ground to run machines over and creating haul roads from soft fill material. Our team showed innovation by mixing the limited amount of hard fill at the bottom of the pond with the soft fill, to create stronger haul roads.

With streams near to the work site, environmental controls were also important. These ensured there was no contamination from machine refueling and sediment discharge was correctly managed.

Once the dam was complete in June 2016, we were lucky enough to have some large storm events, which filled the dam nicely for the summer.